Sunday. First day back at work at the lodge. Had lunch and watched some TV. As part of my new healthy routine, I did some exercise later. Did laundry. Went on the internet. Went to Michelle’s birthday party. It was fancy dress but I didn’t have anything, so I was given a plastic pirate’s hat when I arrived.

Monday. I slept in! Too much to drink last night apparently. I wouldn’t mind, except that I only had four drinks! Luckily it didn’t matter too much because we’re not that busy. Spent that afternoon sorting through all the stuff I left here over May. Gonna have a big parcel to send home! Had supper, watched TV, exercised.

Tuesday. Worked a couple of hours, then went for a walk to Taranaki Lookout because it was a gorgeous day. Couldn’t see Taranaki when I got there though, because there was a big cloud covering it. Had lunch, watched TV, exercised, supper, more TV. And texted Mum.

Wednesday. Work. Lunch. Internet. Nesta emailed and Charlotte sent me a Facebook message. Exercise. TV. Supper. Straightened my hair. Read the newspaper. TV.

Thursday. Work. The new girl Paulina arrived today. She’s from Chile, she’s 27, really friendly, and really looking forward to skiing. Exercised. Went to the shop with Paulina. Watched TV. Went to a beach party at The Station Cafe. I wore my sarong over my jeans, my bikini top, a halter-top, sunglasses, and my shell earrings. Lost my sarong. Not that it matters – I think that was the first time I’ve worn it in five years!

Friday. Work. Lunch. Did some puzzles. Watched TV. Generally vegged out!

Saturday. Work. Lunch. Watched the news: bad floods in the UK I see. Mardi Gras in Ohakune tonight. Cy and Rick were running a shuttle bus service to and from, and I was manning the phone from 5pm to 10pm. Didn’t have many calls to answer, but got paid $50 for my time. Got a text from Mum reminding me about Father’s Day tomorrow.

Sunday. Paulina’s first day of work. But too much for one person, so she learnt how to clean the motels, and I did the lodge. Lunch. Checked emails using a card that had a few minutes left on it. Watched TV. Did laundry. Tried phoning Dad but no reply, so texted him instead.

Monday. Work. Lunch. Did some puzzles. Went on the Taranaki Lookout walk with Paulina. Had a quick snack and did some more puzzles. Got Tuesday and Wednesday off, so I’m trying to save jobs for then!


  1. Dear Francesca,
    Floods in Shropshire have been dreadful, with a couple of villages completely cut off. Its the longest day today and its rather more autumnal than midsummer!! Glastonbury this weekend, I’m not going! I’m off to Wales.
    Liz says hi, she thinks I’m going to Glastonbury really!

  2. Haven’t sent a message in while as we are in peak season with weddings each weekend but thinking of you. Floods were a bit scary at times but just the marquee site flooded, lucky the marquee was in ruthin. Matt is getting married next friday but everything else is the same old same old. Wishing is was there instead of here as Josh and Em has chicken pox but at least its at the same time.
    Reading your blog and trying to work out where you are in NZ are you going skiing at all.
    Take care keep enjoying yourslef and will read up on your travels soon. Oh also met your nephew last month what a gorgoeus little boy and Paula is very nice too. James is a lucky lad.

    Karen & John

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