Tuesday 19th. Day off. Went grocery shopping. Went on the internet. Exercised. Watched TV. Did some puzzles. Showered and washed my hair. Cy came in and asked if we wanted to go to the pub quiz at Schnapps. I put my clothes on over my PJs and off we went. We came third which I was quite happy with. Got back to the lodge and I watched House and Boston Legal. Then Cy asked if we wanted to go to a spa party at Rick’s house. This time I had to get out of my PJs completely, and change into my bikini under my clothes. Got back around 2am.

Wednesday 20th. Day off. Went to Taupo with Cy and Paulina. He had stuff to do, so me and Paulina wandered around town. I bought a pair of slippers and three more Ian Rankin books. Cy bought us lunch. Back at the lodge by 7pm. Watched CSI and ER.

Thursday 21st. Day off cuz there’s no-one here! Spent the morning trying to remember my Welsh: we want to have a three-way conversation with Cy speaking French, Paulina speaking Spanish and me speaking Welsh, but all of us understanding one another! Started reading one of my new books, then we made pancakes for lunch. Spent the afternoon watching Amelie, then exercised for a while. We went for a spa around 8pm, which made the outside temperature bearable: we could probably have walked back to the room just in our bikinis!

Friday 22nd. Still no-one here, so no work again. Ange came by while I was lounging around: she needs me to work tomorrow night. Exercised and chatted to Paulina. Sorted through financial stuff. Not sure if I’ll be able to afford to ski: got to earn about $400 per week for the next 7 weeks. Spent the evening reading and listening to music.

Saturday 23rd. Worked 10am-2.15pm. Had some lunch, straightened my hair, and read until it was time for work. Worked from 5pm to 3am. I did almost as many hours today as I did in the whole of last week! My legs were tired but otherwise I was OK. Read a bit before going to bed: too many coffees in work!

Sunday 24th. Paulina had already finished cleaning by the time I got out of bed at noon. Had a late breakfast and watched some TV – One Tree Hill. Did a few puzzles, made another batch of pancakes, and watched some more TV.

Monday 25th. Day off, again. Cy took a photo of me while I was still in bed! Watched the UK news on Sky News – Gordon Brown’s speech. Went to the shop for groceries. Spent the afternoon making bread, reading, doing crosswords, and watching some TV. The bread turned out well for my first ever attempt. Went to Schnapps at 6pm, and finished at 9.30pm.

Tuesday 26th. Worked 10am-2.30pm. Then Terrilee (in Schnapps) called: she was ill and could I come in and cover her shift from 3pm to 6pm. So I changed and off I went. It was quite a novelty being there in the afternoon! I had my staff meal at 6pm and was ready to finish and join my quiz team, when hoards of people walked in. We ended up with about 16 teams, plus other drinkers and diners, and I had to just run over to my team whenever I knew an answer. I finished around 10.30pm, but honestly I’m just glad to be getting the work.

Wednesday 27th. Day off again, and in the interest of saving money, I stayed in. Made more bread, but didn’t allow enough time for it to rise, so it turned out really stodgy. Finished the first of my Ian Rankin books, which made me a little late for Schnapps. I had the misfortune of “training” Kurt. Unfortunately he only seemed to appear when I was busy doing something else, which stressed me out. I think I also misunderstood how little he knew before I arrived. I think he started to pick stuff up once we had time to talk and go through stuff, but he still spent a fair while leaning on the bar and doing Spud’s head in. I signed him off at 10.30pm and I stayed until midnight. Kyla came in too – first time I’ve seen her since I got back.

Thursday 28th. Worked 10am-1.30pm. Not much to do but I gave the bathrooms a really good clean. Went on the internet for an hour – emails from Mum, Nain and Freddy, but didn’t have time to reply. Joined Cy, Stacy (his girlfriend), and Brett (his dad) for Brett’s 53rd birthday celebrations.

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  1. Impressed about the bread – no doubt practice will make perfect. However, with regard to going out in your PJs – I thought it was just me that did that while I’m dog walking at 5.45am with no-one to see me!

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