Friday. I thought Paulina would work today since I did yesterday, so I left my alarm off. 10.10am Cy comes in because Paulina hasn’t got up either. Cy chose me to work. Hmph. So worked 10.15am-3pm. Had lunch/tea. Got ready and went to Schnapps at 6pm. I was on food with new girl Steph, and Terrilee and Sarah were on the bar. Not hugely busy, but enough to keep us occupied. I also taught Sarah how to make coffees. Finished at 2am.

Saturday. Definitely not working today. Managed to stay in bed until 10.30am. Showered and washed my hair. Wanted to go to Schnapps for breakfast, but it was raining so much that I didn’t want to leave the apartment. Read for a bit, then went to the shop when it stopped raining. Went to work in Schnapps at 5pm. It was busy but there were loads of us working. A huge crowd walked in at 9.30pm for the rugby. We ran out of handled glasses (what we use for beer), and you could barely move for people. Kicked everyone out and signed off by 2am. I got a pay rise to $13ph at Schnapps today, which was nice.

Sunday. We were supposed to start at 9am today but no-one told me and Paulina slept in, so we started at 9.30am. I was doing the lodge. Most of it was OK, but the kitchen and dining area looked like a pigsty. It shocks me that people can treat a place that way. Finished by 3pm. Laundry. Puzzles. Internet. CSI.

Monday. Had the day off so didn’t get out of bed until 11am, and then had a generally lazy day. Tidied, exercised, read, stuff like that. Went to Schnapps at 6pm and worked until 12. Mostly uneventful, but I did have to show Daisy the ropes because it was her first shift. Think it went better than with Kurt. Ray made a comment about me being “so damned efficient”, which was kind of a joke, but still nice to hear!

Tuesday. I was ready to start at 9am, but no-one had checked out so we had to wait until 10am. I was on motels, and training the new girl Jodi. Not too sure about all this authority and responsibility! Finished by 2pm, then had lunch, read, and exercised. Went into Schnapps at 6pm to co-host the quiz. Spud was right – it is more fun if you drink at the same time! Unfortunately, after the quiz, I carried on drinking, and don’t remember leaving or getting home!

Wednesday. Woke up and found that Dad had sent me a text yesterday, so replied to him. Started work at 9am, and finished by 2.30pm. Motels again. Had lunch and listened to music before getting ready for work. Which was crap. Me, Daisy and Kurt. He may as well not have been there. And he actually tried telling me what to do. He really does my head in. Ashleigh asked me if it honestly was good to be back. I told her that, although I miss home a lot, I was happy to back at Schnapps, and it made being away from home easier.

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  1. Well done on the pay rise Ms Efficiency – but try not to go too mad with the extra dosh. It must be for all this training you’re doing.

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