Friday. Very tired. Got dressed with my eyes closed. Worked 9am-2.15pm. Had lunch and read, then got ready for work. The adventures of Kurt continue: we’re struggling to find anyone who can work with him. So Jo sent him home around 9.30pm, then she left around 10.30pm, and I closed up with Ange around 12.30am. Had a few drinks with Ange, Ray, Spud and Spud’s mate. And Speights the dog too, who nutted me four times. And Spud and Ray had great fun throwing ice cubes at me for her to find!

Saturday. Thought I’d have to work today, only to go to reception and Cy to greet me with a confused look and Jodi stood next to him. So instead I spent my day reading and trying to sort out US stuff. Good thing too, cuz I realised I’d have to start booking things! Went into Schnapps at 5pm. We were really busy: 170 meals in four hours. I felt so guilty every time I took an order! They did OK in the kitchen though. Some of the new staff still found time to stand around, which pissed me off. We only do bar snacks after 9pm, which includes chips, wedges and nachos, and I had fun cooking them. Finished around 1.30am, got a hot chocolate and walked home.

Sunday. Three of cleaning today. I was the lucky one who got to start at 10am, and just vacuum, mop and make beds. Finished around 3pm. Paulina went to Auckland almost straight after. I did my laundry and went on the internet. Watched CSI and Hitch, and generally enjoyed having the apartment to myself for the whole evening.

Monday. The length of time between getting out of bed and starting work is getting shorter by the day. Down to about four minutes now. Finished by 2pm. Had some lunch then went on the internet to check my bank balance: $1100 – almost doubled in a week! Went into Schnapps at 6pm, and we were hectic. Too many people wanted feeding and there just weren’t enough staff! I closed up around 12.30am, but had a couple of drinks with with Ray and Jeff, so didn’t leave until around 2am.

Tuesday. Still at four minutes. No-one had left the motels though, so I came back to the apartment until 9.45am. Very angry day: with the vacuum, the foldaway cot, the cleaning rags, everything. Finished by 2.45pm, had some lunch and read. Almost finished the second Ian Rankin book. Went into Schnapps around 5.30pm to get ready for the quiz. I was hosting this week because Spud wasn’t there. Couldn’t find the mic, but luckily Cy had one at Plateau so he fetched that for me. I wasn’t funny like Spud, but at least people understood me. One guy also called me “The Voice” and made some reference to the local radio station. Walked back around 10.15pm, and sat with Cy and Paulina before going to bed and finishing the second Ian Rankin book.

Wednesday. Walked to reception at 9am, but the bad weather means the ski fields are closed so no-one is in a rush. So we hung out in the apartment until 10am. I did the lodge and got very angry because people were hanging around, and it was filthy. Finished by 3pm. Had lunch, did some puzzles and got ready for work. Went into Schnapps at 6pm. Tonight I was training Amanda. We started on the bar so I put Daisy on food with Sarah, not realising Daisy had never done any waiting on or restaurant work before. It got a bit much for Chef, so I took over on food and left Amanda and Daisy on the bar after Sarah had finished. Had a monster of a staff meal because I had all the leftover wedges. Ange signed me off at 11.15pm so I wasn’t closing up. Started the third and final Ian Rankin book before bed.

Thursday. In reception by 9am, only to come straight back, and then for Cy to phone me at 9.45am – from 100 yards away – to ask me start because we had people ready to check in. Finished by 1.15pm, so me and Paulina had some lunch then drove to Ohakune in her car that she picked up in Auckland. Interesting drive considering she has little regard for rules of the road and knows almost zero about driving a manual! I’m amazed she got from Auckland to National Park by herself! So I tried to teach her a bit about changing gears for bends and hills, and not coasting. Once in Ohakune, we went to Utopia cafe for coffee and cake, then to a ski shop with crazy staff. Then to another ski shop where Paulina bought some trousers, then to another cafe. I got to drive home which was ace! I miss driving so much! I thought I would’ve forgotten loads since January but it all seemed to come quite naturally. Not that I did any parallel parking or anything! And I did misjudge overtaking a big lorry: nothing dangerous, just didn’t accelerate as fast as I thought! We had a really nice afternoon out. Once back in the lodge, I went on the internet for an hour and we watched Take the Lead.

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