Friday. Phoned Dad at 8am and caught him before he was going to the pub. Got the feeling I was being hurried off the phone! Went for breakfast in Schnapps around 11am. Had pancakes with berries. Yum. Had a very pleasant few hours reading and chatting to the staff. Went back at 6pm to work. It was a bad night: slow, bad service. Home by 2am.

Saturday. Stayed in the apartment all day, and don’t really remember too much about it. Went into Schnapps at 5pm. Incredibly busy night: All Blacks v South Africa Tri-Nations game. We did about 240 meals in less than three hours. Me and Amanda got the point where we were just calling out numbers when we were carrying food, and hoping someone would answer! Finished around 1.30am.

Sunday. Worked until 2pm, and it went quite quickly. Went up to the ski field with Paulina so she could get her season pass. She managed to lock her keys in the car when we got there. Luckily, a guy in the next car had a key which fitted into the lock of the boot, and I crawled through. Also got a coffee and muffin in the lower mountain cafe, before heading back to the village. We went for a spa, then I did my laundry and showered. Watched some of Chronicles of Narnia and CSI.

Monday. Worked until 1pm. The Dutch girl who was living in the staff room I had in March and April moved out today, so me and Paulina moved our stuff across, and our food to the communal kitchen. It’s kinda cramped, but it’s only for three weeks. Showered, straightened my hair, had supper, and watched Sahara. Went to Basekamp for cocktail training at 10.30pm. It was good fun: quite a few of us turned up, Ange and Clare gave us a bit of info, and then we all had the chance to make a couple. Me, Ray, Ashleigh and Mike ended up staying there until 3am drinking.

Tuesday. Went on the internet before work. Cameron emailed to say the army have cancelled his leave. Arseholes. Worked until 12.45pm, had some lunch, and then had to re-think the US stuff. Luckily I hadn’t started booking stuff. Went into Schnapps at 5.30pm for the quiz. Only 8 teams this week: much easier to look after! Chatted to Spud for a little while afterwards. $700 went missing from his office. Probably staff. Not good.

Wednesday. Worked until 1.15pm. Spent the afternoon in the lodge: not worked many hours there this week, so can’t afford to spend much. Went into Schnapps at 6pm. Me, Sarka (Czech) and Silvana (Argentinian). I was given training sheets for both of them, and decided it was easiest to try to do both at the same time, rather than repeat myself. Finished work around 11.15pm.

Thursday. Paulina didn’t come home last night. She stayed at Jeff’s house (works in Schnapps). Just about everyone knew by the end of the day, which was a source of great amusement, even though it was perfectly innocent! Worked until 1pm, had lunch, went on the internet, and read. Went into Schnapps at 6pm. Loads of staff on because we had a DJ playing later, so I was doling at jobs for everyone. Also trying to show new guy Elliot around. Ange decided I was in charge of tabs, corrections and refunds, and essentially overseeing everything. More responsibility! Wasn’t a busy night though. We had fun dancing, and I got to finish around midnight. Roger (works in the kitchen) told me I was the hardest working front of house staff.

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