Friday. Went up to the ski-field around 9am, and spent an hour and a half in the cafe, waiting for the weather to improve. There seemed to be quite a lot of people skiing, but most of the lifts were closed so they were all using one slope. It wasn’t that bad, but certainly not ideal conditions, especially for learning. So I drove back around noon, got some petrol and groceries, and went back to the lodge. Went into work in Schnapps at 5pm. Nothing special. Walked home at 2am with Jo.

Saturday. Had to work today, even though it was supposed to be my day off. Can’t complain too much – I did get Thursday off. Finished at 1pm, changed and went to Schnapps for lunch. It was quite busy, and Sarah was there so I ended up having lunch with her, and playing a couple of games of pool. Started work at 4pm, and it got busy around 5.30pm, so it was good that Mike arrived early. Once all the other staff came in at 6pm, I tried doing the floor (basically clearing tables), but ended up taking meals, doing a bit of glass-washing, and clearing tables. Getting frustrated with the other staff, but maybe I’m just expecting too much: like Jeff said, I’m a fast learner. It was quite a busy night but everyone left fairly early, so we were finished by 1am.

Sunday. Worked 9am-2pm. I did the lodge and the vacuuming (no beds, hurray!). Had lunch, did my laundry, went on the internet. Freddy sent me a message saying she’d already finished Harry Potter 7, but some evil kid ruined it for her by telling her the ending. I said she wasn’t allowed to tell me anything because I wasn’t going to buy it until I reach the US. Watched Spiderman in the evening.

Monday. Worked for a couple of hours. Went on the internet and found out hiring a car in the US would cost be $1000 before I take petrol into account, so I will now be travelling by bus! Went through the Lonely Planet finding names of the local transport companies to look up. Went into Schnapps around 6.30pm: I was in charge of the pool competition. Thought I’d be in for a real boring/easy night since there are so few tourists in the village at the moment. But it was actually quite popular. We had enough people to go from 7pm to 9pm in the speed round, and then we played two semi-finals and the final. Rick knocked a couple of the more competitive players out of the top four, so they played a couple more speed round to get back into the finals. Ray won the competition and the $100 bar tab though, and bought me a drink. Stayed for a couple more with Spud and Rick too.

Tuesday. Paulina’s ex phoned at 3am, which woke me up. Don’t know why she couldn’t just ignore the call, so it took me a while to get back to sleep. Meant to phone Nain this morning for her birthday, but forgot to set my alarm. Left her a message instead. Worked for a whole 15 minutes today! Paulina and Jeff were about to go to Taupo as I finished, so I changed quickly and joined them. We joked that we should’ve just got a bus from National Park, because we saw loads of people from the village in Taupo. We had lunch in a Japanese cafe, then split up. I chatted to Amanda for a while before she went to the cinema, and I went to an internet cafe. Spent an hour in there, then met up with Paulina and Jeff again. I drove back – lots of fun in the fog! Straightened my hair and watched some TV before running to Schnapps in the rain at 5.30pm. Lots more people for the quiz this week: there were 12 teams and I gave away loads of spot prizes. The first round was tag lines from films, where they were given the tagline and had to guess the film. The tag line from City Slickers was there: “Yesterday they were businessmen. Today they’re cowboys. Tomorrow they’ll be walking funny.” One team – The Fuckin’ Nihilists – put Brokeback Mountain, and the whole place erupted with laughter when I read that out. After the quiz, I had my dinner and staff drink, and joined Ray, Nick, Paulina and Anna. Walked home with Anna and Radka.

Wednesday. Woke up at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep. Got out of bed around 6.45am, got a coffee and phoned Nain at 7am. Chatted for half an hour, then had breakfast and watched world youth athletics until it was time to start work. Both of us should’ve been working today but it was quiet, so it was just me, and it only took a couple of hours. Spent the rest of the day going through the US stuff I got off the internet in Taupo, and doing puzzles. Went into Schnapps at 4pm. There was a strange lady in, who shared a bit too much. Told us she was on a date with a guy, but wasn’t that attracted to him, and wasn’t into casual sex. We later found out she’d apparently escaped from a mental home! It was a really quiet night otherwise, so we closed up at 9.30pm, then headed down to Basekamp where they were celebrating Swiss Day. Aside from the music – which reminded me of Eurovision – it was a fun night.

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