Walked down to get the rental car at 11am: it’s a red Toyota Echo. Nice car but took a while to get used to the clutch/biting point: lots of boy racer starts! I met Kris’s Welsh friend Sion, and turns out he’s from Mold and worked in Denbigh before heading over to NZ.

We left the car by Kris’s place, then went to see his office, then met up with Freddy and Inga for lunch. Kris had to leave for a meeting, so we walked down Queen Street and then sat in Albert Park for a while. They walked back to their hostel and I waited for Kris, then we got our luggage into the car and drove to their hostel.

We left Auckland around 5pm and drove to Rotorua, which took just over three hours. Not a particularly interesting journey: it was dark. Really notice the smell once you hit Rotorua though: that lovely rotten egg aroma! Once in the hostel, Kris and I got some beers and went for a spa.

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