Started our day with a walk around Rotorua. There are a few thermal reserves around where you can pay to look at geysers and mud pools and have a guided tour; but there is also thermal activity around town. We started in Kuirau Park, looking at bubbling mud and steam coming off ponds and lakes. It was quite interesting, but there is only so much time you can spend looking at steam.

From there we walked to Ohinemutu, a lakeside Maori village, with a meeting house and church. We carried on along the lakefront and came to the waka, or war canoe; then past the museum and government gardens, a quick stop at the supermarket, and then back to the hostel for lunch.

After lunch we drove to Te Puia on the edge of town to see the Pohutu geyser, which is pretty much always exploding water into the air. When we got there, we found out it was $50 to get in, because you get a guided tour and cultural performance and stuff. So we drove out again, and went to Te Whakarewarewa instead. This is a Maori village on the other side of the Pohutu geyser, only costs $23, and you still get a guided tour and cultural performance. So we had the tour and went for a wander, and we can come back tomorrow for the cultural performance.

We went back to the hostel, then Kris and I went to find a bar. We ended up in The Lazy Dog, which was much nicer than it sounds. After a few drinks we got a pizza and went back to the hostel for another spa, and were joined by two Irish girls.

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