Checked out and went back to Te Whaka for the cultural performance. It was quite interesting having half-dressed Maoris stamping and dancing, and making weird faces at us. Anyway, that finished around noon and we got on the road to Taupo. We stopped at the Wai-O-Tapu thermal reserve on the way. We wandered around looking at the thermal activity. Most of it wasn’t that exciting to look at, but the whole idea of the thermal activity and Champagne Pool were good.

Back on the road to Taupo, and we stopped at the Huka Falls before getting into town. I’m still awed by the sheer volume of water gushing over the falls: two swimming pools per second. Once in town we went to Rainbow Lodge and dropped our stuff off, then wandered into town.

Kris had a couple of tries at a golf game on the lake, then we went to Breakers for some food and a few games of pool. Then we went to the Irish bar next door for a couple, then back to the lodge. We watched Donnie Brasco and I finally got started on Harry Potter 7 – which Freddy gave to me – before bed.

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