Went to an internet café early and copied my photos onto CD to free up memory card space. Also found out that my second memory card had a virus, so I bought a new one to replace that.

Me and Kris went to Napier today. It wasn’t really worth the two-hour drive. We looked at art deco architecture, got an ice cream, and played mini golf, which I lost badly. We went up to Bluff Hill Lookout, then had fun trying to open the petrol cap on the way back. I had to phone the rental company and got a bit angry with the girl on the phone!

Horrible weather on the way back. We amused ourselves with “eye spy” and the alphabet game. Once back in the lodge, we played Trivial Pursuit (back to the good old days!) which I won, and a few beers and supper. We went to Mulligans around 10pm and had a few beers there.

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