We checked out, but weren’t planning to leave Taupo until 3pm. Rainbow Lodge lets you stay all day after you’ve checked out though. Kris and I played Scrabble, which I lost badly, but didn’t have a terrible score. Then we went to Taupo’s mini golf, and both did better than yesterday. I even got two hole-in-ones! Kris had another go at the golf game on the lake.

We went back to the hostel and had another game of Trivial Pursuit (lost badly), had lunch, and I finally got round to writing in my diary for the first time in days!

We left Taupo at 3pm and headed for Waitomo. Played “eye spy” and went through some scary hailstones. We checked into Juno Hall Backpackers, which has a bit of “school field trip” feel to it. The four of us walked into “town” – Kris saw half a dead cat – and got some supplies. Freddy and Inga walked back while it was still light, and Kris and I went for a beer in the tavern. Walked back in the dark, then I spent the evening reading Harry Potter.

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