Crap weather today. Kris and I planned to go to the Waitakeres, but neither of us fancied hiking in the rain. So Kris went to university and I went into the city. Did some shopping and went on the internet, and got thoroughly wet walking around.

I got back to Kris’s halls around 7.30pm, put my laundry on, and then we went to another common room in the halls because it was his friend’s birthday and they were having cake. I already knew two of the girls there (Liz and Vanessa) and got to meet Kim, the girl he likes.

We went back to Kris’s room and he did a bit more work while I read Harry Potter. Then he invited Ambre (French girl) to join us for a few beers. Then Joseph (Austrian guy and Ambre’s boyfriend) joined us. He didn’t stay long, and then the three of us went to Sion’s room to watch some Father Ted before going to bed.

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