We arrived in LA at 10.45am, but it took ages to get through customs, so it was about noon when I got out of the airport. All the airport traffic and the lack of signs was kinda scary, but I was pointed in the direction of the shuttles, and got one to Santa Monica. It still took until 1.30pm to get there!

I’ve only been here a few hours and I’ve already been blessed by God for donating money to help disadvantaged kids, and seen a woman walking down the street animatedly talking to herself.

I had to wait until 2pm to check in, then I showered and headed out. I walked through Palisades Park, which has a view of the ocean, and along Third Street Promenade, which seems to be the shopping hub. Then I walked down Santa Monica Pier where there is a fairground and a few shops. It had a bit of a Blackpool-if-it-was-sunny feel to it.

Then I decided I was a little bored and in need of a haircut, so found a place which could do it straight away. After that I bought a couple of magazines, went for a smoothie, then went to the cinema to see Bourne Ultimatum. Which was rather good, but I felt myself nodding off due to jet lag.

I walked back to the hostel, spent a bit of time on the internet, and then went to bed. Here endeth my first day in the USA.

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