Kris went to university around 9am and I sorted through all my stuff, deciding what I needed for the USA and what I could send home. I was left with two bags of stuff to send home, and still a lot of stuff going with me.

I tried walking down to the post office with my stuff, but got about half way there and decided I had to get the bus. It wouldn’t all fit into the biggest box they had, so I had to send a padded envelope to, totalling $250! Luckily, I still had a lot of NZ money!

Afterwards I went for a coffee, which was made mildly more interesting by a woman at a nearby table having an epileptic fit. Then I went on the internet again, before realising that I still needed to close by NZ bank account. That only took a few minutes though, and I walked out with a lot of NZ money.

I met Kris on campus for lunch, then we walked back to his halls so I could get the car. I drove him back to his department, said goodbye and then drove to the airport. Glad I left loads of time to get there, because I took a wrong turn and found myself in the public car park of the airport. I could’ve got out for free except I somehow lost the ticket, and so had to pay $24 to get out. Just for making a wrong turn!

Anyway, I dropped the car off and they gave me a lift to the terminal. I didn’t do too much in the airport – had some food, read Harry Potter. Waited. During the flight I read more Harry Potter and watched Zodiac. Qantas seem to think it’s normal to put jelly-based desserts with veggie meals. That’s the second time it’s happened. And the normal meals have different desserts which I could eat. Don’t get it.

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