Another pancake breakfast, then repacked all my luggage and it felt considerably lighter. Checked out, then first went to buy a new pair of sunglasses, and then to the bus stop. I got the free bus to the transit plaza, to get another bus to Salinas, to later catch the Greyhound bus to San Francisco.

The shuttle bus went through some of Old Monterey (a little further along than the pier) and I realised what a shame it was that I didn’t check it out: it’s all old Spanish mission-style and quite pretty. I got to Salinas but had a few hours to kill. I started with lunch in a cafe called “Untamed Foods”: all organic and healthy stuff. Then I went to the Steinbeck Centre and Agricultural Museum. The agriculture side didn’t take long, but I learnt a fair bit about Steinbeck and could’ve spent a lot longer there. Steinbeck was born in Salinas and moved to Monterey. The majority of his books are all based around here.

I still had some time, so I walked up Main Street and back down, and spent some time in an internet cafe. The guy who served me was a fan of Paul Oakenfold and UK electronic music, and wanted to go to Creamfields at some point. It surprised me that someone on the other side of the world had heard of Creamfields.

When I got back to the Greyhound terminal, one of the guys who worked there lifted my bag onto the bus. He said I was very strong and said I could beat him up any time!

The bus journey was uneventful, but I was impressed with myself for walking from the bus terminal to the hostel, and not taking any wrong turns! The hostel wasn’t exactly standing out though: I was stood on the opposite side of the road and couldn’t see it for looking. It was just a door with a small sign and led upstairs.

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