Everyone in the dorm was moving around, getting ready to go out. I thought I must’ve overslept, but found it was only 6.20am. So I stayed there until 7am, then got up and went for breakfast. Unfortunately I didn’t leave early enough to get the 8.20am bus into Yosemite, and so had to wait until 10.15am.

I eventually got into Yosemite around noon, and picked up a map of the Yosemite Valley. It was so hot. 39 C apparently. I can believe it. I decided to leave the strenuous walk up to Vernal and Nevada Falls, and did the Valley Floor Loop instead.

I went to Sentinel Bridge to see Half Dome as Ansel Adams photographed it. I went to Yosemite Falls which dries up at this time of the year, so it’s just a sheer drop and big boulders. I walked quite close to the Three Brothers and El Capitan. I’m still struggling to comprehend the vastness of El Capitan: it’s not until you’re stood really close that you can tell how big it is. I took a couple of dips in the river, then walked back to Yosemite Village, and got the 5.10pm bus back to the hostel.

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