No-one woke me up this morning, but I was still up early. Made myself waffles again. I had a ticket for the Bumbershoot festival in Seattle today, but planned to go up to Capitol Hill first, home of the counter-culture.

I destroyed my feet on the walk up there in my new shoes. I was quite unimpressed with the counter-culture. I had to go to on the internet briefly, but got half an hour free with my coffee. So I went on Facebook, and got thoroughly depressed, angry and jealous because the people I know on there seem to be doing stuff with their lives, and are happy; and I feel lost, confused and unhappy.

I continued to destroy my feet on the walk down the Seattle Centre for the festival. I felt like yelling at a couple of the staff when I asked for directions. Ticketmaster sent my ticket to the UK, but the staff at the booth printed me another one.

So by around midday, I was inside the festival grounds. I was really only here to watch Art Brut, and they weren’t playing until 7.45pm. I got myself a couple of henna tattoos, then decided to look for the stage Art Brut would be playing on.

When I got down there, a girl group called The Trucks had just started. They were playing electropop and indie-rock stuff, and were really fun and girly, and the songs were really catchy. I ended up staying for their whole set, buying their CD, and staying to get it signed. I said to myself on the way into the festival that I needed a pick-me-up, and they provided that. They really cheered me up.

The next couple of hours were spent watching The Ian McFeron Band, The Watson Twins, and Alabaster. I wanted to see a band called The Horrorpops, but they were cancelled. I then went to watch Rose Hill Drive and stayed for all of their set. They were cool dudes: long hair and shades, rock n blues. They reminded me of someone but I can’t think who. They were the second really good band I saw.

From there, I went to watch some of The Bouncing Souls set, and then Ian Ball, who used to be in Gomez.

Then came Art Brut. The reason I was there. Well worth the $35 ticket price, and the $18 CD I bought earlier in the day. They looked nothing like I imagined them to. I was quite surprised at how many people were there to see them, and people who had obviously heard of them. They’re a British band and I don’t know anyone back home who has heard of them.

So they were fantastic. And I stayed to get my CD signed. And one of the pens leaked, so my copy is absolutely unique. There was another band on after, but I didn’t need to stay any longer, so I got the monorail back into the city and walked to the hostel, with a big smile on my face.

Recently, and especially today, I have been feeling crap. I mean really low. Lonely. Despair at the state of the world. Jealous of my friends who seem to be achieving more than I do, or have more direction, or just seem happier.

I needed a pick-me-up. The Trucks and Art Brut did just that. They seemed to remind me that having a sense of humour was important too. And that it wasn’t the end of the world, no matter how crap life seems to be sometimes.

I may even go so far as to say that was my best gig ever. Yes, even better than Foo Fighters last year.

I really sincerely hope that some of their infectious optimism and fun has a lasting effect on me. I prefer to be happy and upbeat, compared to the miserable, depressed, angry girl I have been recently.

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