Typical: the one day I really need to be up, and I sleep in until 7.10am. I wanted to be in the airport by then! Luckily it was an internal flight, and I was checked in by 8.10am, so plenty of time.

Boring flight. Crap film. Crap music.

We got to JFK at 5pm, and I took the AirTrain to Howard Station, and got the subway form there to Penn Station, then changed to get another to 96th Street. I got a coffee and sandwich between trains, and this was the only time my bag was off my back for about two hours. I had to wait ages for the second train, and I could feel the sweat rolling down me in the incredibly hot and busy subway station. I was supposed to be getting off at 103rd Street and walking back to 101st, but no trains were stopping there. So I got off at 96th and walked five blocks.

I was very tired. My back and shoulders were hurting lots. It was now about 8pm. Two fire engines passed me as I walked up Broadway. As I got closer to the hostel, I realised I was following the sound of the sirens. I check out tomorrow, and I still don’t know why they were in the building: no obvious signs of fire-damage.

Needless to say, all I wanted to do was sleep, or at least lie down and relax. So I showered and read for a while. Then the six Polish people who I’m sharing the room with (and one Irish girl who was asleep) came in around 12.30am and insisted on being loud until about 2am.

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