I woke up early and decided to try to find a big internet cafe on 42nd Street. I got the subway down there and then realised I didn’t have the address with me: I just knew it was somewhere near the subway station.

I got a coffee and walked east. I found Bryant Park, the Public Library, and what I think is the building Dana lived in in the first Ghostbusters film. Grand Central Station and the Chrysler Building were a bit further along too.

I decided I must be going the wrong way, so I turned west, back past everything, and then I passed lots of twinkly lights all over everything from Madame Tussauds to McDonalds to the subway station. But still no internet cafe. So I went back to the hostel.

I set off again a little later and my first stop was the visitors centre. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) was the closest ‘sight’ so I went there next. But it’s shut on Tuesdays. I took a look around the shop, then got the subway to Bleeker Street.

I wandered towards Washington Square Park, got some lunch, then wandered around SoHo a little, before getting the subway to City Hall. I visited a chapel across the road from the World Trade Centre site, went to Century 21 discount department store, then walked around the WTC site. It is essentially a big whole in the ground, with lots of cranes and diggers and workmen.

I took a walkway to the World Financial Centre and got a juice and coffee, before walking down Battery Park Esplanade to Castle Clinton and the ferries to Liberty and Ellis Island.

I took the subway back to 42nd Street and went to Times Sqaure to find the Toys R Us flagship store. It was quite an experience, but still no Hamleys!

After getting back to the hostel, I headed to a Laundromat a few blocks away. I then managed to recharge my MP3 player in the hostel, but not upload photos.

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