I took the subway up to Cambridge today, which is where Harvard University is. Some guy sat a bit too close for comfort on the subway! Luckily he was only going one stop.

Aside from Harvard, Cambridge is also known for having a high concentration of bookstores. So I spent a little while wandering around red brick buildings and into a couple of bookstores. I allowed myself a magazine, then struggled to find a place to get a coffee and read it. My only criteria was somewhere that I could get it served in a real cup, rather than a paper one. Just as I was about to give up and go to Starbucks, I found Dado Tea, where I also got a muffin.

After about half an hour in there, I wandered around the town and through the Harvard grounds. I was going to go to the art galleries and museum here, but frankly couldn’t be arsed. I’ve visited way more galleries and museums this year than I ordinarily would! Harvard was really pretty though: red brick buildings and leafy green grounds.

Once I returned to Boston, I went to Copley Square and the library for a bit, then went back to the hostel. Me, Sarah and Jenny spent most of the evening quoting Eddie Izzard and Monty Python, while April looked on bemused. It’s so good to be with like-minded Brits!

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