I got the subway over to Government Centre today. I waited until around 10am so things could get started. But it was still quiet when I got over there.

I wandered through Faneuil Hall and the market, and found the Cheers Bar (not the original). It was all very old and grand, but it was still quiet and I was still bored. It’s very difficult being in the city when you don’t want to spend too much money and don’t really have room to buy anything else to take home!

I wandered up towards the Meeting House, and then along Beacon Street, until I reached Beacon Hill and Charles Street. This is where all the street are tree-lined, the buildings are red brick and the pavements are cobbled. A lot of antique shops, cafes and salons too.

I got a coffee, and it started to rain while I was in the cafe, so I waited until it let up a bit. I wandered along Charles Street then through the park in the vague direction of the hostel. I passed the “Make Way for Ducklings” statue, which is after a real duck who stopped traffic when her and her ducklings were crossing the street. Then the heavens opened, and I, in my jeans and woollen jumper, soaked up a lot of water, on my 25 minute walk back to the hostel.

I peeled off my clothes, took a shower, and spent the rest of the afternoon reading and on the internet. Later I did my laundry, packed and straightened my hair. The girls left this morning so no Monty Python and Eddie Izzard jokes.

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