OK, so if you don’t know anything about Newport…Firstly, it’s not the one from The OC. It is the home of the America’s Cup when America win and they host it over here. It therefore has a lot of boats. Hundreds of boats. It also has a lot of mansions. Old money billionaires built extravagant homes here. You can visit them too, and go on tours.

The title of this post is a reference to an Eddie Izzard sketch about the British taking over the world with the cunning use of flags. I only bring it up because there are a lot of houses with flags outside. Imagine driving along Ruthin Road and seeing a Welsh flag outside every other home, and that’s pretty close. That whole “pledging allegiance to the flag” in school stays with them!

But today, I was going round some of the historical sights. I started with the Old Stone Mill in Touro Park. No one knows who built it, why, when, or even what it is. Then I went to the Redwood Library, the oldest public library in the US. I then walked down to Trinity Church, which wasn’t as special as I expected it to be. Then I found Washington Square, where I got a coffee and bagel in a cafe.

I did a bit of shopping in a second hand shop, then wandered around Brick Market Place and Thames (pronounced Taymz) St on my way back to the hostel to drop stuff off. Heading back out, I went over to Goat Island, which you reach via the causeway. It has possibly the smallest lighthouse I’ve seen. And the views back to Newport were obscured by all the boats.

I came back over to Newport and sat in Coffee Grinder for a while. I then did some more shopping on the way back to the hostel, then headed up to the library to take advantage of the free internet.

I headed out for supper around 8.45pm. Stupid idea with it being a Monday. The pizza place I wanted to go to was already closed and I couldn’t find anywhere else reasonable and with something other than seafood, so I ended up with ice cream. I got chatting to one of the other guests who was a teacher over in California. Scary stuff: they’re taking geography off the state school curriculum, and they only learn American history.

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  1. Newport (even though it’s not the one from the OC) sounds good. Will we be having a flag when you get home? Even though we’re not billionaires?
    Sounds as though some people are going to end up knowing less about geography than even me!

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