Had breakfast in the hostel, then moved my stuff down to “The Cave”, aka the cellar. I also packed up a lot of stuff too.

I went to the library at 10am and spent an hour on the internet. I then came back to the hostel and borrowed one of the bikes to do the Scenic Ocean Drive. It wasn’t that fantastic (and my arse was still sore after Martha’s Vineyard), but at least I could see the coastline without all the boats! Got quite a waft of salty sea air too!

The ride took about 1 1/2 hours, and I went to a cafe for lunch after. I returned the bike, had a coffee in the hostel, then headed out on foot to do the Cliff Walk. First Beach was OK, but looked better at the far end. The walk itself was quite pleasant, but as usual when something gets talked up, it was a bit of a let-down. The mansions were grand. Beyond grand in fact. I didn’t go in because it was getting late and apparently you should allow an hour in each.

I went down to the Coffee Grinder and hung out there for a while. Saw a dog in a life-jacket. Got a gelato on the way back. I spent the evening chatting to Paul, then showered and watched Legally Blonde, Along came Polly, and Cat Ballou, until I decided it was time for sleep.

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