Woke up, straightened my hair, and had breakfast. I packed the last of my stuff, then headed over to the bus stop. I met some interesting characters on the bus, including a guy who thought Welsh people could walk on water, and that I had an elephant in my suitcase. He wished me well too. And the bus driver asked if I was going to write a book about my travels.

The journey to New York was uneventful. We got in at 3pm, and I caught the wrong subway uptown, so had to walk three blocks across and three up. New York doesn’t believe in many cross-town trains.

I checked into Jazz on the Park, and headed out again. I got totally confused downtown and walked north when I wanted to go south. I found a cafe called Pecan to get a coffee and find my bearings. I got chatting to a guy there, who was a photographer. Pretty good too: showed me his website: I’ll link to it when I find his business card!

Heading in the right direction now, I found Century 21 and bought the smaller version of my suitcase. I then got the subway back up town and spent the evening packing and on the internet.

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