Breakfast, with the worst coffee I’ve ever had. No joke. It really was mud. I had to add so much milk to be able to put up with the taste, that it went totally cold.

Checked out. Spent some time on the internet. Left.

I met the two nicest people in New York today. The first saw me trying to get down to the subway with my two big cases, and carried the bigger one down for me. I wanted to thank him, but he was gone before I could: he wasn’t even going to the subway! The second carried my big case down the second lot of stairs. It was touching. There are some good people in New York.

Getting to JFK airport was simple enough. I had to change trains once, but it was on the same platform. Long journey though. The journey on the air-train round the airport was quite long too.

I managed to check in early, then spent ages in the departures lounge, just reading and drinking coffee and eating. Our flight was delayed because our cabin crew were held up by some UN conference, but we still made up the time in the air.

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