My old plan was to work all this year and go to the Caribbean and South America on a big trip next year. But I decided that, (a) maybe I needed to focus on “personal and professional development” if I ever hoped to get a job in the voluntary/non-profit sector; and (b) I just couldn’t work in Brookhouse anymore.

I changed over the RTW2007: I analysed what my life had become, and how far removed it was, both from what I may have hoped it would be, and from my supposed principles and values. When I got back, things had to change. I really wasn’t happy with the old me.

So now, I am in my first month of unemployment. I am doing several online courses and a first aid course with the Red Cross. And I have volunteer applications with several organisations, which I am waiting to hear from. I am hoping to fill my time with educating myself, helping others, seeing friends and family, and with hobbies such as photography, horse-riding, hiking, and maybe some new ones.

It’s a bit stop-and-go at the moment while I find my feet, but I’m really looking forward to the next few months, until I run out of money and have to start work again!

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