I couldn’t be happier that it’s all going so badly. Let this be a lesson for the future too: building a third runway will not ease any pressures, because demand will increase and outstrip supply once again.

I’ve been worrying recently about my planned Caribbean and South America trip, due to my carbon footprint, with two long-haul flights, and probably a few between islands. My initial plan was to offset. But then I had a better idea. If I learn to sail, I could join a boat across the Atlantic and probably between islands. I’m not exactly a big fan of open water, but I’m really excited about this idea. Just the very idea of being away from everything, and the slow travel, and the sense of achievement.

And there are many places in the world easier to get to, avoiding flights, than South America. There are ferries and trains across to Europe all the time, which you can walk around on and see different views, unlike a plane where you basically stay in your seat and see the same view apart from take-off and landing. The journey you take is as important as the destination.

Anyway. I just wanted to show my support of the anti-expansion campaign. If you’re interested in finding out more, visit Plane Stupid and read their ’10 reasons to ground the plane’.

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