It seems I have made an enemy. Either that, or there is something about my car that makes it a prime target for yobs to vandalise. A few months back, it was kicked and there was a dent in one of the panels. And Friday night, my wing mirror was smashed and my rear windscreeen wiper pulled off. All for shits and giggles.

I’m sick of it. I’m sick of all these kids coming up to the castle at night, making a nuisance of themselves, shouting and screaming in the early hours of the morning, and vandalising property. I’m not the only victim. And apparently nothing can be done about it. Makes me understand vigilante justice – where’s batman when you need him?

I personally will be threatening to call the police if they don’t move along when asked. The police will soon get sick of coming up here to sort them out. Maybe then we’ll get some CCTV, and hopefully the peace and quiet will follow soon after.

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