Tuesday morning we set off, driving 26 horses from the ranch. Lana and M were driving the chuck wagon to the camp, with everyone’s luggage, the tents, food, etc. and going by road. We started our day going through a canyon. It was fine, except that I ended up so far back that I didn’t really feel like I was helping.

Didn’t take too long til we were out on the open range though: I felt much more involved then. We left one horse behind because he jst didn’t seem to want to keep up. Another horse, Buzz, made a run for it. LT ended up roping him, then swapping all his tack onto Buzz and driving the original horse with the others.

We rode til about 2pm, then stopped for lunch. My legs didn’t want to work when I got back on an hour later! I went to the front but it was kinda boring: you just ride and stay ahead of the loose horses. Much more fun to have to chase them back into the pack.

We reached camp at Webber Creek around 5.15pm. Lana and M had set up all the tents and put our (little) luggage outside. We turned all the horses loose, and they had quite a bit area to graze in for the night. We pottered about a bit: had a quick wash in the very cold creek and sat around chatting, before supper around the campfire. LT and Lana were driving back to the ranch for a bale of hay for the horses, and Lana had a call from Fedex that day saying the luggage was on its way.

So Tuesday night, 3 days after they were lost, we were reunited with our luggage. Huzzah! I changed into my PJs under my clothes and sat around the campfire til about 11pm.

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