Last day of the horse drive, from Warm Springs to the final grazing, then we would head back to the ranch in the trailer.

M rode with us today and made Wayne’s week by spending most of the day teaching him how to ride Western. By the afternoon, he was stopping or turning back just so he could canter to catch up with us.

It was a really fun day today. We started off on open range, then went into a canyon for ages. It ws slow going when there was only one track, but everytime the canyon floor opened up, we were pushing the horses on.

So in 3 days of driving horses we covered about 50 miles. But by rode, we were only about 20 miles from the ranch. In five days of riding, we’ve gone about 75 miles. Fit horses!

Back at the ranch there was a big queue for the shower. Tim took ages too! LT and Lana’s daughter Whitney is studying massage therapy, and she came up to the ranch to give us a massage. After dinner Lana and Lacey sang us a song they’d written, with a verse for each of us, and Lacey put that onto the photo DVD she made.

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