We saw the mechanic. He told us to call Avis roadside assistance. We had the options of driving back to Boise and picking up a new car (no thank you), or waiting around for them to deliver a car from their nearest garage. We had breakfast and killed time in the two local shops, until Troy arrived with our new, better car, at no extra cost. Much happier.

We drove to Redfish Lake, which had very clear water, forested slopes and craggy, snowy peaks surrounding it. We were pretty much the only people there.

We carried on, stopping in Haven for a late lunch, and making a couple of photo stops along Wildlife Canyon Scenic Byway.

We didn’t stop again until McCall, but the scenery was fantastic. McCall is the biggest town we’ve stopped at or passed through since leaving Boise. It has a population of 2500. We also got a 10% discount at the motel for no real reason!

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I’ve always kinda felt like I believe in karma. If bad things happen to you, you deserved it. Which is why I’ve found these past couple of months so difficult. I thought I was a good person and couldn’t understand why so much shit was happening. Maybe I’m paying for bad things I’ve done a while ago. Maybe it’s because I’m treating Dad so badly. Maybe it’s all a test of my ability to manage stress.

My new theory is more along the lines of “shit happens”. I hate that. I would rather feel like I had a bit more control. But I don’t think I’ll be able to stay/return to stable by thinking that bad things are happening for a reason. There are plenty of examples of good things happening to bad people and vice versa.

I think I just need to concentrate on being a good person for the sake of it, and if bad things happen then I need to learn to deal with them better.

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