This morning Iona took us for brunch with Catrin and Brad at their house. We found out that Ben and Tyler are in university in Boise and Moscow, so we could well have passed them on the street and not even known! JJ stayed in bed almost the entire time we were at the house, but we said hi as we left.

It was a really lovely day. Having not really seen them in my adult life, I never really knew that much about them.

We went back to Iona’s and spent a bit more time there, eventually leaving around 3pm. We had a quick stop at an internet cafe to check weather forecasts in Yellowstone, and drove to Missoula.

We arrived around 8pm, checked into a motel and went for dinner at the Cracker Barrel. There was also a store already bedecked with Christmas gifts and decorations. I bought Mum the most awesome decoration: a singing snowman who grows and then shrinks, saying “I’m melting!”.

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It has been a good break at Iona’s: took the strain off it being just me and Dad. Cabin fever! Don’t know how long it’ll last but definitely needed it. 

Decided I should do a family tree because there’s so many people on this side and I have no idea who they are!

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