So it was my quarter-century this year. One that should be celebrated as some believe, including Mum. Unfortunately I was very last minute in my planning.

After several changes in the guest list, I went out to Chester on Saturday with Rhian, Steven and Laura. We had a great night, even if we weren’t allowed in the new club Cruise because Steven was wearing trainers. We went to Rosie’s/RB’s/Reflex or whatever it’s called these days. I was very happy in the oldies/indie room!

Then on Sunday I took cake to mounted games training, and the Pony Club parents and kids sang happy birthday to me. That night I went to the cinema with Danny because he couldn’t make it to Chester. The film – Max Payne – was pretty dire, but it was still good to hang out with Danny.

On Monday I got a card signed by everyone in work, and then I went for dinner and to see James Bond with Mum.

So despite my bad, late planning, and me feeling like it was going to be a terrible birthday celebration, it turned out quite well. At least I’ve got five years to go before the next one worth celebrating, so plenty of time to plan (and give people more than five days notice)!

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