Last night I listened to my ex tell me lots of nice things about me. Three years after we went out. Then I listened to a guy I attempted to go out with tell me something similar. He was only two years late.

And the one I want to hear it from now seemed to be doing his best to ignore me. And I wonder how long we’re going to spend going round in circles. If he doesn’t want me, I wish he’d just tell me and we can go about having a normal friendship. And if he does like me then he should tell me so we can go out and find out whether it’s as good as I think it could be. Assuming I haven’t messed it all up that is.

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  1. Why not go out with the guy you tried to go out with 2 years ago? Is he interested now? It sounds like it. This might make the man you are currently interested in start paying some attention in case he loses you. On the other hand, maybe it could work anyway with the 2 years ago man. Take what you can get while you can. I will stay anonymous for this post -but I am not one of the men you are talking about, let’s be clear about that.

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