Hope you all enjoyed the competition in Telford despite the incredibly cold weather! Thanks for coming and we hope you enjoyed yourselves. And once again F&D had the loudest and proudest fan base!

Quick run through of results:

  • Junior A team (Becky, Georgia W, Alex, Alys and Robyn) finished 3rd in the A final. Unfortunately they were in first place until the last race, when they were eliminated for obstruction.
  • Junior B team (Sophie W, Ellie, Eden and Sophie G) finished 3rd in the B final. A very good result for a young novice team.
  • Senior A team (Eleri, Suzi, Louisha and Ceri) finished 1st in the C final after winning most of their races.
  • Senior C team (Anna, Anya, Yasmin and Sam G) won a tie-breaker to get into the B final, then won most of the races and finished 1st.
  • Senior B team (Mari, Nan, Wednesday and Sam M) finished 2nd in the A final, to a very good Berwyn & Dee team.

But I’m sure all the teams will be showing their true colours by the spring!

And thanks to Alex and Ross for filling in as fifth members of the senior teams.

If anyone is interested in looking at the photos taken, the website is http://www.pmimaging.co.uk

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