I am absolutely livid. I asked them on the 17th January if they wanted to go to Liverpool this weekend and I got a resounding ‘yes’. It was discussed and I bought tickets. On Monday I sent an email saying what I thought the plan could be. One said he couldn’t make it, but I’d bought his ticket just in case anyway.

Today one texted to say she couldn’t afford it. And tonight I got a text from another to say she’d heard it had been cancelled and that was probably good because she had to work Sunday. I checked my emails and found the last saying she couldn’t come because she’s going away next weekend.

So I’m angry. How difficult is it to book a day off a month in advance or swap a shift? How difficult is it to put some money aside when you know in advance that you’re going? How difficult is it to give me more than two days notice, to give me half a chance of finding other people?

We went to a casino night in December. We went to a ceilidh that two wanted to to back out of, but didn’t because another was looking forward to it. We went to Wrexham for a birthday. We were going speed-dating until it was cancelled.

I feel like now that it’s something I’ve organised, and something that I was really looking forward to, people don’t seem to care as much that they’re letting me down. I finally thought we were going on my choice of night out, the sort of thing I enjoyed rather than tolerated and made the best of. But apparently that’s asking too much. I feel like saying “fuck the lot of you”, but that would be childish and I know that’s just the anger talking.

And what’s really irritating – this has totally wiped out any good stuff that happened this week. It’s blown a huge hole in it and now I’m trying to piece it all back together so I remember that this week didn’t completely blow.

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