This week the Senior A team was Anya, Nan, Wednesday, Ceri and Suzi. The B team was Yaz, Mari, Anna, Eleri and Ross. Both teams won two of their heats but unfortunately made a few mistakes in others. Both teams finished the heats on 16 points and made it into the B Final.

The A team won three of the finals, and the B team won two of the finals. Unfortunately the A team also had a couple of mishaps, so they finished the competition in 3rd place on 19 points, and the B team finished in 2nd place on 21 points.

The Juniors were on later. The team of Eden and Sophie Greaves, Alys Williams, and Charlotte and Tomos Williams, were competing against 7 other teams. They finished all their heats in third or fourth place, and were in the B final.

But then they really pulled the stops out – they won 5 of the 7 finals and won the B final with 22 points. So the youngest and most novice team have got their year off to a great start!

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