We had a very successful day on 18th April, hosting the F&D Mounted Games Friendly. Thanks to all those who helped out: the day went really smoothly, and the other teams really enjoyed themselves.


Both the Quarters (Anna, Ceri, Eleri, Mari and Sam) and Stripes (Alex, Anya, Nan, Suzi, Wenz) did very well in their heats: Quarters finished with 30 points and Stripes with 25, and both qualified for the A final. The Dimaonds team of Lousiha, Sam, Yaz and two Waen-y-Llyn members (Charlotte and Megan) did really well considering they only met that morning! They finished with 18 points and going through to the B final.

The gloves came off for the A final and it was a battle for first place between the Quarters and Stripes. Quarters won 3 races, 2nd in two, 3rd in two and one fourth. Stripes won 3 races, 2nd in two, 3rd in two and one fourth. By the last race they finished equal first on 23 points, one point ahead of United Pack. They raced in the Two Flag for the tie-break. The Stripes made a couple of mistakes and the Quarters were victorious.

In the B final, the Diamonds were consistently good: they got two 1sts, five 2nds and one 3rd. They finished on 25 points and in second place.

Senior A Final:

  • 1st Flint & Denbigh Quarters … 23 points (won on tie break)
  • 2nd Flint & Denbigh Stripes … 23
  • 3rd United Pack … 22
  • 4th Berwyn & Dee … 12

Senior B Final:

  • 1st United Pack … 29 points
  • 2nd F&D & WYL mixed … 25
  • 3rd Cheshire Hunt South … 18


The Quarters (Alex, Alys, Becky, Georgia, Wil) qualified for the A final, and the Stripes (Charlotte, Eden, Megan, Sophie, Tomos) qualified for the B final.

The Quarters didn’t get off to a great start with two 3rds, but things improved and they got two 2nds and two 1sts, and also an unfortunate elimination. They finished with 18 points and in 3rd place, behind United Pack A and Waen-y-Llyn.

The Stripes got two 1sts, three 4ths and a 2nd before the last race. At that point, three of the four teams were on 14 points and it was a battle for 2nd place behind Cheshire Hunt South A. The Stripes raced really well and came in 2nd, and finished the competition in 2nd place.

Junior A Final:

  • 1st United Pack … 24 points
  • 2nd Waen y Llyn … 19
  • 3rd Flint & Denbigh Quarters … 18
  • 4th Cheshire Hunt South … 8

Junior B Final:

  • 1st Cheshire Hunt South A … 22 points
  • 2nd Flint & Denbigh Stripes … 17
  • 3rd Berwyn & Dee … 16
  • 4th United Pack … 15

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