I’m bored. I’ve been this way for a while. Work is great and Pony Club is great, but my social life is abysmal. I have friends but I don’t seem to make time for them, and when I do see them I’m bored. I’ve taken to going out with acquaintances and, while I’m not averse to making new friends, I feel a bit odd around lots of new people.

I seem to have lost all ‘the kids’. I know they were a lot younger than me but we had a laugh together, and now they’re all off at uni, just like Jayne, Ceri and Jodie before them. I don’t make any effort with Danny and Cameron. Seriously, how hard would it be to go to Liverpool for a night or up to Yorkshire for a weekend? I only see Alex, Lawz, etc. when I bump into them on nights out. I hardly see Soph, Laura and Mike.

And the friends I see most seem content to spend their weekends in Ruthin. I don’t have a problem with quiet drinks with friends. But it would be nice if we could break out of our rut once in a while and head further afield.

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