The BNP have won council seats in the recent European elections. Put simply, this is very bad. I have long thought of the British National Party as a fascist, racist, vile group of people, similar to the Nazis or KKK. One of the problems with the apparent free speech we have is that these people are allowed to infiltrate society with their warped thinking. My original point in this blog post was to undermine one of the central tenets of the BNP: that only indigenous British white people can join, and these are the people the party support and look after. After looking at the BNP website (yes, I feel dirty) I have found that this isn’t going to be as easy as I thought.

The BNP mission statement reads: “we use the term indigenous to describe the people whose ancestors were the earliest settlers here after the last great Ice Age and which have been complemented by the historic migrations from mainland Europe. The migrations of the Celts, Anglo Saxons, Danes, Norse and closely related kindred peoples have been, over the past few thousand years, instrumental in defining the character of our family of nations.” Someone’s been doing their homework on human migration patterns.

The Earth is 4.5-4.6 billion years old. The oldest hominid fossil was found in Ethiopia and is believed to be up to 3.6 million years old. Charles Darwin was one of the first to suggest that we all came from an African ancestor. The Homo erectus species is believed to have first migrated from Africa as much as 2 million years ago. According to genetic and fossil evidence, archaic Homo sapiens evolved into anatomically modern humans solely in Africa, between 200,000 and 100,000 years ago.

But the BNP aren’t really denying this part.

Prehistoric human population in Britain has fluctuated greatly with the advancing and retreating ice. Old Stone Age is the earliest known period of occupation of Britain by man. There is evidence of a species being present 700,000 years ago, when Britain was linked to continental Europe by a land bridge; and evidence of another species 500,000 years ago. Neanderthal man arrived in Britain 40,000 years ago, and the first signs of Homo sapiens date back to 30,000 years ago. The last great ice age ended and the Holocene era began about 10,000 years ago, with Britain once again being cut off from the continent by about 6500 years ago.

After this we basically had the Celts, Romans, Anglo Saxons, Vikings and Normans. These people are all OK. They might have raped and pillaged but they’re white and were on the European continent before the last Ice Age. But for all you non-white people who arrived in the modern day, well you’re just not welcome. There’s nothing you have to offer to complement our society.

Since the expansion of the EU, we’ve experienced more immigration of white people from Eastern Europe. Are these people OK? I’m confused because they’re white and historically have been instrumental in defining the character of our family of nations; but they’re taking British jobs from British people. And they’re not as easy to target! What does it matter if they have a greater economic value because they work harder and get paid less than your average Brit?

What do we do with all the mixed race people? I say I’m Welsh because I was born in Wales to parents who were born in Wales. But you only have to go back to my maternal grandmother to get an English relative, and my maternal grandfather’s family came over from Ireland in the 1500s. I’m OK though because of my ‘peaches and cream’ complexion. What is the BNP’s plan for people born of one white European parent and one non-white, non-European parent? Just round them and kick them out?

Since we’re using the term ‘indigenous’ to describe the people whose ancestors were the earliest settlers after the last great Ice Age, does that mean we have to go fetch all the British Empire settlers from Australia, South Africa, America, and countless other places around the world? It isn’t really fair if we’re saying only historic migrations from Europe complement societies anywhere around the world.

Another excerpt from the mission statement reads: “The men and women of the British National Party are motivated by love and admiration of the outpouring of culture, art, literature and the pattern of living through the ages that has left its mark on our very landscape. We value the folkways and customs which have been passed down through countless generations.”

Hands up anyone who feels the love and admiration from the BNP. Thought not. I’m on the point of laughing. These people are so absurd. They [say they] recognise the richness of the British culture brought by different peoples through the ages, and yet they refuse to acknowledge that modern immigrants can also add to culture, art, literature and the pattern of living.

It’s almost like they can’t see, for example, the doctors and nurses we rely so heavily on, along with many other people of different ethnic origins who come to this country, work hard, try to get involved in the community and generally want to add to society as well as improve their own life. And on the flipside, they can’t see the waste-of-space indigenous white people who want everything handed to them on a silver platter. Skin colour doesn’t dictate human nature!

It’s unfortunate that the BNP are allowed in the political system. But it doesn’t matter how you dress it up: it’s still a racist, xenophobic attitude. Their concept of the nation state is an outdated one in our heavily globalised, interconnected world. Britain has a mongrel population to go with its mongrel language. If we took the chance to embrace that rather than cite racial hatred, we might find we can get what we want, and we might even get along.

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  1. May I just put in a word for the Jutes? They usually get bundled in with the Angles and Saxons, but the Isle of Wight wouldn’t have been the same without them.

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