Supporting Wales has been difficult this Six Nations. Not because we’ve lost almost all the matches, but because the players don’t seem to care.

There are 15 guys on the pitch at any one time and only about 3 of them look like they’re trying. This is a fitter and stronger side than there has been for a long time, and yet they amble around the pitch while the oppositions run. So many mistakes creep in – and really careless errors – so are they just not that intelligent?

I say there are 15 guys on the pitch at any one time, but discipline has been so appalling that often this isn’t the case. This isn’t peculiar to Wales – it’s a problem for all teams in the tournament and one that needs to be sorted.

But back to Wales. Andy Powell isn’t a legend for getting caught drink driving a golf buggy down the M4. He’s a stupid boy. He had it all, and because of that, he lost it all.

Playing for and representing your country is a privilege. It’s not a chore. It’s not something that should be expected. You have to deserve it. You have to earn it.

I worry for the future of Welsh rugby if this is a sign of things to come. Rising stars who seem to think they’re owed something because they have some talent? You still have to work for it. This isn’t football, but it feels like it’s going that way. Shame. The gentleman’s game will be no more.

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