I finally got round to submitting my application to Northumbria University about 4 weeks ago. I got my reply last Friday: they have accepted my application and made me an unconditional offer. Which I have just now accepted.

So I’m off to Newcastle in September. And before then I have to ask the bank for some money, find a place to live, and make sure I’m fully prepared. First step was buying laptop, which I am now typing this blog post on.

Aside from making sure that I work hard on this course and really make the most of it, to set myself up on a career path; I also want to make sure that I make the most of the university experience. There’s a lot I regret about Leeds, and I think (and hope) I’ve matured since then. I don’t want to be miserable, or just spend the year working. I want to join clubs, make friends, go out, and look back on the whole thing positively.

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  1. Hi just stumbled across your blog. I’ve been looking at the disaster management course at Northumbria and was wondering how you found it?


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