Recently I’ve been hanging out with a group of people who aren’t really my friends, but friends of friends. They’re nice people and I chat and have a laugh with them, but I don’t feel particularly connected to them. Our conversations are quite shallow and superficial, and I wouldn’t say I know much about them.

Sometimes it makes me feel quite lonely because I wouldn’t just hang out with them, without my friends there. Other times it helps remind me that I do have good friends and maybe I should put more time in with them: the people I do have meaningful conversations with; the people who do know me well.

But maybe there is also a third option: trying to get to know them better, and making them my friends too. I’ve never found making friends that easy. I tell myself that they’re not really my kind of people, that we don’t have much in common; but maybe that’s just a way of protecting myself. After all, I have plenty of friends that I have little in common with.

I have been trying to improve my approachability, so maybe I just need to work harder. And if they become my friends then great, and if not, then at least I tried!

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