… or maybe a little more, until I get to Newcastle to move into my new student house, in preparation for starting my masters degree on Monday.

I’ve been quite calm and relaxed about this until now: the reality doesn’t usually set in until quite late with me. I packed up a lot of stuff a couple of weeks ago and all was fine. But earlier, I was packing up food and started to feel nervous!

I’ve been settled for quite a while now: I came home from my last trip 3 years ago, I’ve been living at home since then, and I was in the same job for almost 2 years. I’ve had a nice life here: an income, family, friends, hobbies, and a place I know.

But now it’s time for the unknown. Moving in with 5 people I don’t know, in a place I don’t know. Leaving my friends, family, and horses behind. I’m really going to miss them all. But I’ve moved in with people I don’t know before and it was fine. And I’ve visited Newcastle and I like it. It’s only for a year and I’ll be home every couple of months.

So the only really scary part is the money. I’ll have to live on a lot less than I’ve been used to so I’ll have to adjust my lifestyle accordingly. But worse than that, I haven’t had confirmation of my loan through yet. It’s been delayed and I won’t find out until next week whether I’ve got the money or not.

I can’t afford to do the degree without it. If I get turned down, I’ll have to apply for another loan. And if that happens, I think I’ll have to put my tuition fees on my credit card.

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