What should’ve been a very enjoyable weekend at home, celebrating Pop’s 80th and seeing my friends for the first time in 2 months, was somewhat ruined. I’m getting just a little hacked off with two things in particular.

First of all, that people think that because I’m vegan I’m somehow starving or only able to eat food which has no taste. And that being vegan is the most difficult thing in the world. It really isn’t. Yes, my choices are constrained, but more so by the fact that you can have 10 choices of meat to put on a sandwich, but it is apparently impossible to get just salad. Ask me all the questions you want about being vegan and the food I eat, but please stop assuming I’m living a hard life because of it. If it carries on I might turn into a militant vegan and start telling you the nasty realities about the food you eat. I actually quite enjoy going to places and ordering my vegan food, or else being able to say, ‘well why can’t you do that?’. And if you happen to serve me food, stop looking at me strangely when I ask for ‘just salad’ on my sandwich.

Secondly, the automatic assumption that because I only have lectures on Thursdays and Fridays, that I’m doing no work and having an easy life as a student. I work hard. I’m in the library or at home reading every day of the week (yes, weekends too). I might not get to uni until 10am, but I don’t leave until late either. And as well as my coursework I also have RAG, Photosoc and course rep responsibilities, and I’m in several other societies. And I still want to go out volunteering. I enjoy my course and everything else that I’m doing. I enjoy being busy. But don’t assume that just because I enjoy it that it must be easy or that I’m never stressed.

I’m biting my tongue at the moment but I will start giving as good as I get if I have to put up with much more of it. You want to give me a knowing smile about how many taught hours I do? Please explain what exactly it is you do outside your 9 to 5, your hobbies and your social life? Oh, and you’re being paid? You didn’t have to save up, take out a loan and live on a budget? No, you’re right, I’m the one with the easy life. Please accept my apologies for being so narrow-minded.

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