I’ve always changed my personality depending on who I’m hanging out with, but I’m really frustrated about it at the moment. In uni, I feel like I’m quite bubbly and outgoing, at least with the course group. I get along with them really well and I feel really comfortable.

But coming home, I feel quite suppressed. Is it because everyone here knows a quieter me and I feel like I would be fake if I was any different? Is it that I have more in common with the course group so it’s more comfortable?

It is a difficult group to shine in because there are so many big personalities, but I don’t want to just be the girl in the corner who laughs at everyone’s jokes. I’d like to make a few myself (difficult with so many funny people!) and bring some interesting conversation to the table.

I stopped being teetotal in March but I’m considering it as a resolution again this year. I would really hate for that to affect my personality. The aim last time was to prove I could be fun and have a good time without it, which I mostly did (although I saved the table dancing until I was drinking again). I hope I can do it again.

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