I have been OK since the last post below, but apparently I chose not to blog in that time!

So now, once again, I’m down in the dumps. I’m getting the feeling it might partly be down to PMT. At least I hope it is. Although there are plenty of reasons for me to feel a bit crappy, none of them are really good enough for me to feel this way. Maybe university just doesn’t work for me. I feel like I tried to make up for everything that I felt I did wrong in Leeds and have come out feeling just as bad. At least it’s only one year this time.

I know it isn’t just about that: there are plenty of times where I feel crappy at home (see below for just one example). At least if it is related to PMT then there is a reason for it. That might put me at ease somewhat. But not the fact that I’ll have to put up with it for life!

I just want to snap out of it.

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  1. Yes well Fran it’s called depression. Then we have the catch 22’s resulting from it. Luckily i am an expert on this! haha

    The main issue is you care. It’s a bummer, same for me. You are concerned about world issues, many of them, you can see the real situation, you can see the consequences, you’re worried sick about them – but there is nothing you can do, you feel impotent towards the issues, but as you care you carry on worrying and see the injustice of it all. You then can’t relate to the greater society because they don’t seem to see the issues, are they blind? Who knows not me, most people seem like lemmings to me, mankind rushing over the cliff. As well as these world issue you probably worry about lots of other injustices. You probably watch current affairs / news / documentaries to keep up to speed on these issues and new ones. Pretty miserable mind set then! Very depressing stuff, making you down and far too serious in outlook.

    So because of all that you feel emotionally drained, the world is a black place, these feelings are now affecting your sleep pattern as well as your outlook, sleep is healing time – you’re in a catch 22.

    The cure? – this is going to require a bit of effort.
    You HAVE to let go of the world affairs for a while! Sorry but you have to, nothing is to be done, it’s time to focus on yourself. So you achieve this by: no more documentaries, or news, or debates or discussions about such things at all for at least 2 months. You have to rid yourself of the word issues. You paid for exercise – exercise releases serotonin – which makes you happy, it also releases chemicals that calm your muscles etc – it also makes you use energy, all of which will help you sleep. Sleep as I said is healing time. Sleep at the correct time, get as much daylight as possible. Go for many walks. When you start to stabilise a bit catch up on uni and stay on top for your own peace.
    So there you go, exercise, sleep and actively prevent yourself from indulging your feelings of worry and injustice over the state of the world and mankind. Once you start getting better try and enjoy yourself, you must have some pleasure no matter how skint you are – pleasure comes in many forms!

    Hope this helps – did for me! Depression is a state of mind, your strong and clever enough to deal with it. Now if only I knew how to deal with anxiety, stress, paranoia and fear I would feel okay myself!!

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