Three weeks ago, we asked for your help to make Royal Bank of Scotland end its investment in companies that produce cluster bombs – and you did us proud. Over 1,000 of you donated to an ad campaign to shame RBS. Over 11,000 of you emailed the bank’s Chief Executive. And hundreds more wrote, rang and tweeted your revulsion.

So I’m delighted to share the news that last week RBS changed their policy and agreed to cease investments in companies involved in the production of cluster munitions – thanks to you. At first RBS flat out denied our allegations. But in the end, it seems the threat of our ad campaign was just the pressure they needed to change their minds.

They have now committed to drawing up a new policy and have frozen their dealings with companies involved in the manufacture of cluster bombs while they do so. They’re also going to work with the UK Government and other banks to draw up a code of conduct. Find out what RBS said and how we’re going to hold them to account

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