As a local authority I’m sure you buy all sorts of timber products, from office paper to wood for construction. But many local authorities don’t know where the timber they buy comes from, which means it could be from forests which have been logged illegally or unsustainably. This is devastating for forests and the people who depend on them.

By buying certified timber you can support sustainable forest management and help ensure a future for the forests around the world where our paper and wood comes from.

So far Cardiff is the only council in Wales to have made a pledge with WWF to improve the way they buy wood and paper products.  I’m asking you to commit to improving your timber purchasing by making a WWF pledge. I would like to know that the wood and paper you buy for use in our community is not damaging forests.

This is an important step towards ensuring that our community has a positive impact on forests and local communities in places like Indonesia and the Congo Basin where they rely on healthy forests for shelter, food and fuel.

Please make a WWF pledge.

Thank you.

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