Once again, the government proves itself to be untrustworthy. Cameron stated that he wanted this to be the greenest government ever (or something to that effect). But apparently all it takes is the Canadians pushing hard for tar sands oil to change all that.

This article from Greenpeace shows that the UK has done a 180-degree turn on their position regarding the EU Fuel Quality Directive (FQD). This proposal would have blocked a lot of tar sands oil; but now the UK has decided to block the FQD proposals.

So the greenest ever UK government is quite OK with importing one of the dirtiest forms of oil, and the greater pollution it will emit: 3 times more than crude oil. The greenest ever UK government is also OK with destroying Canadian forest, homelands of indigenous people, and accelerating climate change.

The greenest ever UK government will be a little off target with emissions reductions.

Write to Nick Clegg to tell him to sort out the government’s green credentials, and to sort out his Transport Minister, Norman Baker.

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